Aqua Aerobics

My friend Laura and I went to an Aqua Aerobics class this evening at Mt Albert Aquatic Centre and it was fabulous.

Since getting arthritis, exercise has definitely been something that I’ve found more difficult to do. There was a period of time where walking was off the table, and so I got into water walking as a way to ensure I kept using my muscles. I’ve always enjoyed the water, but don’t have a particular fondness for swimming, so water walking (or jogging) has been a great solution. I have talked with quite a few others who also exercise in the water as it is low impact, which means it is great on the joints!

So, Aqua Aerobics was the next level up for me, as it’s not something I could have done a year ago.¬†Aqua Aerobics is something that I’ve done on one-off occasions throughout the years and it is definitely an enjoyable time, as you’re with others and have the motivation to keep going and your whole body gets a workout (I’m just hoping my body won’t hurt too much tomorrow!). We were also able to have a quick dip in the hot pool before we finished, which was a very delightful way to end the session.

I look forward to going along to more classes, especially as it’s nice to lock in time for exercise, and of course, spend time with a friend.