IMG-0863Hey, I’m Isobell. I’ve always found the question ‘Who are you?’ difficult to answer, because we are forever changing beings.

However, there are some facts about me that you may enjoy knowing – I am currently 26 years old, I live in Auckland and I work at an amazing company that helps families thrive across New Zealand. I’m an ex-nanny and currently work in the HR field.

I initially decided to create this blog when I developed arthritis and was stuck at home on bedrest. It is a space that will help me explore my writing skills, it helps me keep motivated and focused and is all part of my journey to become as healthy as I can be – which involves sharing some of my life stories with you along the way!

Every single person on this planet has their own story to tell and I’m all about sharing those stories. I welcome others to send me a message if they would like me to share their story too – whether that means sharing a recipe, an anecdote or some life advice!

I hope that answered your question about who I am and if not, no worries – I’m sure you’ll figure that in time. If you have any questions, flick me a message here.

Ciao for now!