BambooHR: 4 HR Lessons from Stranger Things

A weird and wonderful aspect of my life is that I currently work within the People and Culture team at my workplace. This means that I am part of the team that helps run the HR side of things. We recently decided to move away from paper and invest in an HR management system, which is where BambooHR comes into play. It is amazing. It’s American software, so there are a few things that are a bit funny (e.g. their dates are MM/DD/YYYY and ours are DD/MM/YYYY and that you have to have weird meeting times due to the time difference).

Anyway, that’s all context for why I wanted to post the following. Below are HR Lessons from Stranger Things that BambooHR shared on their blog. The full read is fabulous – if you’re a fan of Stranger Things, I’m sure you’ll agree! Kudos to BambooHR for being informative, but playful and for staying in touch with their modern audience.

The 4 lessons are:

#1 One Toxic Employee Can Spoil the Bunch
#2 There’s Strength in Diversity
#3 Friends Don’t Lie—They Communicate Effectively
#4 Change Is Never Easy

Find out why, by checking the blog out here.

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