5 Tips to Stay Healthy This Winter

Below are 5 things that I’m trying to do, in order to keep my immune system up and running this winter, in case a nasty cold comes my way.

1)      Drink lots of water – this is something that can easily be missed, especially if you’re someone who runs around a lot or attends lots of meetings at work. I suggest getting a drink bottle and keeping it at your desk. Not only will it remind you to have water, but you’ll also get in a cheeky walk to the water cooler/kitchen.

2)      Take extra Vit C – I’ve personally only started doing in the last couple of years, but it has been recommended to me by a few different people, as a wee booster. I personally take 2 of my chewable tablets per day (which this brand recommends as ‘maintenance’). Check the instructions on the pack before purchasing. I also checked that the brand I chose was okay with all the medication I am taking.

3)      Eat yo fruit and vege – Summer fruits are definitely the best, I must admit, but there are some great winter fruits out there that can help boost your immune system and make you feel *so fresh*. Add extra veges to your hot meals to get in extra nutrients (and to bulk your meals out, so you can have healthy leftovers for lunch). Check out the 5+aDay website for ‘What’s in Season’.

4)      Make time for self-care – people often find that bad weather can get them feeling a little down and, well, stress is an all-year-round thing. It’s important to put some time aside for self-care. Things as simple as cleaning your teeth properly, buying your favourite drink or having a bath. It could also mean having a night away from TV and sitting down with a book. Self-care is different for everyone, but the important thing is to be intentional with your time. It’s OK to not be OK – if you are not feeling like yourself and need some extra help, there are places out there that can help (like the Mental Health Foundation).

5)      Leave a jumper in your car ­– feeling the cold because you only put on one layer this morning? You never know if the weather is going to turn, and it can often be a lot colder at night than during the day. Leave a jumper in your car (or take one with you, if you go on public transport), just in case the cooler temperatures start getting to you because no one wants to be stuck in the cold for hours.

You may be recommended different ways of keeping healthy during winter, as we all have different bodies and minds, but I hope you enjoyed my 5 tips! Let me know what you do to stay healthy.

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