Brunch Club: Meadow

June’s NZ Bloggers Brunch Club was held at Meadow, and it was amazing!

My morning plans had changed, so I arrived to Meadow a little early. Luckily, I had a book with me and I enjoyed sitting by the fire (while having a soy flat white) as I waited. It was actually rather blissful to do that… it’s something I need to do more often! 

When the team at Meadow said that our table was ready, I was taken back by the effort they had gone to. I’ve seen their marquee in action before for a baby shower, but it was great to see what the marquee looks like close up. The table inside can comfortably fit 15 people and can be styled a variety of ways – I loved what Meadow did for our #meadowxnzbloggers brunch and it shows us that the marquee can be set up so beautifully. 

The extra special treat that Meadow gifted us was some personalised cookies, from The Cookie Collective.

Overall: They seriously went above and beyond for us and I have to say, I’ve been before and I will definitely go again. I would be interested to see what their evening meals are like.

Where are they?

Meadow is located 20 St Johns Road, St Johns, Auckland 1072. They are connected to a group of shops and have 30-minute parking outside if you’re just there to grab a quick coffee, and street parking (no time limit) around the corner.

Their interior is simple but beautiful. It was a little chilly in comparison to summer, but in the marquee, they had heaters on and in the main eating area they had the aforementioned fire. They also provided blankets, which I thought was a great idea for those that feel the cold more than others (not me!).

So what’s their service like?

We had quite an intimate #BrunchClub as the marquee that we were in was away from the rest of the restaurant, so it easily could have meant that we had slow or bad service, but that wasn’t the case. Our drinks were ordered first and even as we waited on a few people to arrive, someone from the Meadow team would come and check up on us and to see if we were ready to order or not. The food also came out in a reasonable time!

They went above and beyond for us!

And their food?

Pictured below is a range of food and drink that was ordered; ‘Mushrooms on grain toast’, ‘Meadow huevos sucios’, a berry superfood smoothie, ‘Chorizo croque madame’, ‘Crepes , and finally, the ‘Eggs Benedict’ with the English muffin swapped out for sourdough and a side of maple syrup.

I got the ‘Meadow huevos sucios’ and it is definitely something I’d have again! It was a hot 🌶 dish, but you could easily take the chilli off and it would be mild 👌🏻


I wouldn’t say that they’re the cheapest of dishes, but they’re not crazy expensive either, and with the wonderful service and beautiful environment, it’s not too bad. My dish was $22 and the smoothie was $9.5.

Opening times:

Monday – Sunday 8am – Late
(Their All Day Breakfast is from 8am – 3pm)

Brunch Club is an awesome way to catch up with other like-minded, blog related people… and who doesn’t like brunch, right!? It was lovely to see old and new faces and I look forward to next months event! Check out the other awesome peeps who came:


Thanks Meadow – I look forward to next time!🍴

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