Brunch Club: Ozone Eatery, Coffee Bar & Roastery

For the first Brunch Club of the year, we headed along to the Ozone Eatery, Coffee Bar & Roastery in Grey Lynn, and we weren’t the only ones there – it was packed from the moment I got there to a few hours later when I left.

Overall: I’m keen to go back again and try a savoury meal and/or go in the evening.

Where are they?

They are located at 18 Westmoreland St W, in a little Grey Lynn hub. I’d never been to this area of town before, but they have a lovely Farro’s there and a few other places to check out. The location is nice, as they have lots of parking and you can go for a wander before or after eating.

I love the big mirror they have heading into their toilets, and love that they use Smartass toilet paper!

The aesthetics were very minimalistic and chic. I loved it. The kitchen was right in the middle of the establishment and then you could also see the roastery behind us, as well.

So what’s their service like?

This #BrunchClub was the biggest one I’ve been to, so we had quite a large table and that made the service slightly harder than usual. They did accidentally delete my coffee order (as someone else cancelled the same order as mine), so I didn’t get it until I had already started eating, but overall the staff were nice and seemed like they were trying their best – which is the most important part!

I noticed a few little hiccups, but overall a really nice place and I look forward to trying it again once the hype has slowed down a little bit.

And their food?

I purchased a GF pancake, which is not something I usually do… but 1) it was gluten-free and 2) it just sounded so good. Check this out: Gluten-free pancake w Cambridge blueberries, labneh, bourbon shortbread & sweet basil. Yaaaas, it was so delicious. So much so, that I actually couldn’t finish it! Next time I’d half it with a friend, as I’m not used to having such sweet things in the morning. Some of the other dishes that people ordered looked rather tasty as well, and I look forward to trying their eggs next time I am there.

When I was leaving, I saw that they had some lovely cabinet food on offer as well.  

FYI their coffee is very strong! Well, for someone like myself who drinks coffee, but doesn’t like the taste of coffee that much. I would potentially ask for half strength next time and I think that would be perfect.

I thought $20 was a bit much for the dish that I got, but overall the price isn’t too bad. I would say that it’s slightly higher than the average brunch, but not enough to put you off trying.

Opening times:

Monday 7am–9:30pm
Tuesday 7am–9:30pm
Wednesday 7am–10pm
Thursday 7am–10pm
Friday 7am–10pm
Saturday 8am–10pm
Sunday 8am–9:30pm

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