Geeks On Sainsbury (Café Review)

Overall: I’ve been to Geeks On Sainsbury twice now and I’m definitely keen to go back again!

Where are they?

Their location, 1/55 Sainsbury Road, gives them enough privacy that they aren’t packed with people, but enough exposure that you don’t feel like you are hidden away. Both times I ate here, I happened to be in the area. They are right beside this little park which has a few seats in it, so you could easily get takeaways on a nice sunny day and have a picnic!

They are also just down the road from St Luke’s Mall, so if you want some nice food that isn’t from a food court, then this should be your go-to place!

My sister used to live across the road and it would have been such a joy to have Geeks On Sainsbury as a local.

So what’s their service like?

They come up to you relatively straight away when you arrive and ask where you’d like to sit. The second time I went I was on crutches and that didn’t seem to bother them, which was nice. They were fast on taking our orders, although didn’t mind coming back to let us spend a few more minutes deciding what to get. All of the staff I have interacted with have been super friendly and the ones who see you leave say ‘Thank you’ and/or ‘Goodbye’, which is always a nice touch.

It’s a cute location with delicious food and friendly staff. I would recommend it to anyone in the area!

And their food?

Delightful! Below are a few shots – Eggs Bene, Pork Salad, Bibimbap and a drink. I would recommend their ‘Yellow’ smoothie and anything with a side of their potato stack… because it is absolutely divine. There a quite a few gluten-free options, which is great and overall they have a relatively wide selection of food to choose from. They also have a cabinet with sweet treats and a few sandwiches, if that’s more your style.


I believe they would be considered an average café cost – around $20-$30 for a cooked meal and a drink. Not super cheap but not crazy expensive either. Totally worth what you get!

Opening times:

Mon – 7am to 3pm
Tues – 7am to 3pm
Wed – 7am to 3pm
Thurs – 7am to 3pm
Fri – 7am to 3pm
Sat – 8am to 3pm
Sun – 8am to 3pm


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